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Equipping Researchers to Revolutionize Science 

Cecilian Publishing is a nonprofit, Open Access publisher of peer-reviewed books that equip and enable researchers to facilitate the advancement of science by leading a revolution in the communication of scientific research.

Revolutionizing Scientific Research

Cecilian Publishing was conceived in 2022 when founder Okechukwu Lawrence Emeagwali and a few colleagues signed the Budapest Open Access Initiative in support of the burgeoning global Open Access movement. 

Having personally committed to only publish Open Access and to only interact with (editing or reviewing for and  subscribing to) scientific publishing outlets (journals and books) that strictly use an Open Access publishing model, we observed that while the Open Access model have gained wide spread adoption within the journal article publishing space, there is a considerable lag in adoption among publishers of edited book volumes.

Our Purpose

Cecilian Publishing therefore exists to deepen openness, accessibility and credibility in scientific communications within the global edited book publishing industry.

Our Vision

Is to accelerate the advancement of science by facilitating the advent of a future where all scientific research and their components are truly open.

Our Mission

Is to accelerate the advancement of science by publishing scholarly edited book volumes through which new scientific research and their critical components (methods, data, code, reviews and citations) are freely and rapidly published, accessed and disseminated.

Our Goals

Shatter Scientific Barriers

To expedite the advancement of science, and its dissemination

Equip Researchers

To revolutionize science through the facilitation of transparency, collaboration, inclusivity and choice.

Deepen Rigor

To facilitate the assessment, communication and dissemination research and all of its critical components in an accurate and equitable manner

Open Science

To contribute to the development of a global foundation of freely and timely assessible scientific knowledge upon which a better world can be advanced. 

Our Commitment to Open Science

Our commitment to Open Science is reflected in our vision of a future where all scientific research and their components are truly open. In line with this commitment, we became signatory to the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). The BOAI was established in 2001 by major stakeholders in the global publishing industry in a meeting hosted by the Open Society Foundation with a commitment to accelerate progress in the international effort to make research in all academic fields freely available on the internet.

Our Commitment to the UN SDGs


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we became signatory to, and were officially granted membership of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Publishers Compact. The compact which was launched on the 14th of October, 2020, commits publishers and publishing associations to accelerate progress to achieve the SDGs by 2030 through the publication of books and journals that will help inform, develop and inspire action in that direction.

As a signatory and member of the UN SDGs Publishers Compact, we commit to the development of sustainable practices and to act as champions of the SDGs in general. Most importantly, we commit to all of the 10 point agenda of the compact especially in actively promoting and acquiring content on themes represented by the SDGs.

Embrace Cecilian. Embrace Openness.

Our work is only just beginning. Join us as we build a community of Open Access enthusiasts who are committed to embracing openness as the future of science.

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