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Publication Fees

We deploy multiple models to support fair and equitable Open Access publishing. In general, Open Access publishers mostly cover publication expenses (comprising peer review management cost, journal production costs as well as online hosting and archiving costs) by charging an article publication fee (APC) for each article published.

However, here at Cecilian Publishing, we implement a Diamond Open Access Model, and as such, no publication, processing or reading fees are required from chapter authors or readers. All of our edited volumes currently open for submission are free for authors to submit to, and freely accessible by the general academic community.

An Open Access Future

At Cecilian, we are assiduously working with institutions to grant researchers the avenue to open their research irrespective of demography, geography and discipline.

$0.00 - Zero Fees

For authors and readers.

Chapter Types

At Cecilian publishing, we publish four distinct types of book chapters in all of our edited volumes: Regular Book Chapters, Registered Reports, Lab Protocols and Study Protocol chapters. 

Regular Chapters

Regular Book Chapters are complete publications reporting results of fully completed studies. They include research chapters, method chapters, systematic reviews, clinical practice chapters, case reports and open letters.

Registered Reports

Registered Reports consist of two linked publications: a Registered Report Protocol and a Registered Report Book Chapter. Click here to learn more about Registered Reports.



Lab Protocols

Lab Protocols consist of two peer reviewed publications interlinked together and consisting of a protocol showing step-by-step lab procedures, measurements and materials deposited on, and a book chapter published in the Cecilian Lab Protocols book that provides contextual insights into the protocol. Click here to learn more about Lab Protocols.

Study Protocols

Stand- alone study protocols are protocols for which the authors may not intend to publish the complete study with us. Authors who intend to publish both their protocol and finial research with Cecilian are advised to consider the Registered Report publication format. Stand-alone study protocols are published in the Cecilian Protocols book organized by domain.


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