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Ready to Submit a Chapter?

Irrespective of the Cecilian edited book volume you choose to submit to, publishing with Cecilian empowers your science with broader visibility, deeper context, and more credit for the effort you put into your research work. We give you absolute leverage in deciding the extent to which you would like to open your science.

Review Scope & Deadlines

Before submitting your chapter manuscript, we encourage you as a first step, to consider the scope of the edited book you have chosen to submit to, and ensure that it is still open for submissions. This is because all Cecilian books maintain editorial independence and have uniquely specific publication criteria, content scope and manuscript submission deadlines. Still unsure about the appropriate edited book to submit to?

Visit the 'Which Book' page.

Sign Up/Login
to Submit

To submit to a Cecilian book, you are required to first of all create an account. This is because the author manuscript tracking dashboard is only accessible to logged in users.


To create an account,

(a) click on 'Login' at the top right corner of this page.

(b) on the 'Login' page, next to the phrase 'New to this site?' you will find the 'Sign Up' link. Click on it to begin the sign up process.


After signing up, or if you already have an account, please login and while in your account,

(a) access and read the 'Submission Process' page for finer details about the Cecilian submission process,

(b) access the submission form on the ‘My Submissions’ page,

(c) select the Cecilian book you would like to submit to, and provide the rest of the required information on the form and

(d) click the submit button.


Ready to submit?

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