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Why Publish with Cecilian?

Your research makes a valuable contribution. Our objective is to disseminate premium value scientific research as widely, effectively and efficiently as possible, to facilitate easy discovery and engender rapid and effective communication of new science.

Cecilian Books

Cecilian Publishing publishes a cohort of highly influential and impactful Open Access edited books spanning all areas of science: health science, life science, physical science, engineering and technology and social sciences. Our edited book volumes contain rigorously reported, peer reviewed book chapters which upon publication are immediately available without restrictions engendering maximum readership and impact.  Please review and consider the scope of each edited book volume open for submissions before submitting, as each book maintains editorial independence and have uniquely specific content scope and publication criteria.

Publishing with Cecilian Engenders..

Ready to Submit?

Rigor & Quality

That is dependent on the strength, and merit of your science. Our open data, open methods and open review practices among others, engenders quality and ensures you are able to tell the full story of your science even in situations where negative scientific outcomes are obtained. This provides the foundation for the reproducibility and replicability of your research work -a hallmark of quality science.

More Options

That lets authors decide when, how and what to publish. From full book chapters, method book chapters, protocol chapters to published peer review histories, you have ample options to customize how broad and deep you would like your scientific impact or reach to be. 

Broader Visibility

That engenders maximum impact. Our openness policy and broad dissemination efforts ensures researchers, funders, policy makers as well as the larger public are able to find and access your research and realize its full potential.

More Credit

For the effort you put into your science. Seamlessly monitor your scientific contributions through CRediT and ORCID, and use chapter-based metrics as evidence of how impactful your science is.

Equal Opportunity

That enables scholars irrespective of discipline, demographic and career stage, to influence science. We are continuously innovating to make research dissemination more easy, efficient fair and equitable for all authors without restriction and discrimination.

Open Science

That encourages the fair and equitable generation, timely dissemination, unrestricted access, use and re-use of new science for the betterment of the larger society.

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