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Open Science

Open Science as a movement, has provided the scholarly community an immense opportunity to transcend geographical, disciplinary and artificially generated restrictions to make scientific insights readily accessible globally. It fosters and intensifies scientific collaboration while enabling a diversified process of developing and growing our collective scientific knowledge. Openness is at the core of our mission at Cecilian Publishing, and fully implemented into our book publishing process granting our researchers the ease and freedom to fully participate in Open Science.

The Difference is Open

Cecilian Publishing provides a number of innovative Open Science tools and processes to effect wider scientific reach, demonstrate scientific rigor and integrity, enrich scientific records and optimize scientific impact.

Broaden your scientific reach

Maximize the potential of your research by making it easily discoverable and when discovered, easily accessible. Making your research freely available through Open Access does both, resulting in the maximization of the readership, replication and citation potential of your research. When you accent to publishing your research using an Open Access license, you immensely impact the wider scientific community, key policymakers and the general public.

Demonstrate scientific rigor

When core components and aspects of your research are publicly shared, you minimize or arguably eliminate and propensity for the introduction of bias in your scientific inquiry and maximize openness and transparency into the rigor of your scientific investigations, the rigor of the peer review process, and the overall strength of your science.

Optimize your scientific contributions

When you begin disseminating important components of your research much earlier into your research development process, you contribute more to the larger body of science by introducing deeper levels of perspective, context and insight, which not only deepens understanding, but engenders more avenues for the re-use and reproduction of your research or its components, and collaboration among scholars as well as the inspiration of future research.

Demonstrate replicability and maximize trust

Give your data, methods and study design the importance they deserve, by making them part of your study’s permanent scientific record, for more transparency and integrity, as well as deeper understanding and deeper scientific contributions. You can do this by leveraging the opportunity Open Science provides to integrate open data, open methods and open study designs into your published research. 

Publishing apt for your goals & principles

What concerns are of utmost importance to you when disseminating your research? View common concerns below and see how we help you achieve your goals through publishing that is in alignment with your objectives, values and principles.

Widest Reach

Those who need it, can easily access and read your scientific findings wherever and whenever they need to.

  •  Eliminate all access restrictions to your science with Open Access licensing

  • Grant readers early access to your science with Online First publishing

Deeper Trust

Widespread trust in the integrity and quality of your science. 

  • Unequivocally exhibit integrity by preregistering your research

  • Unequivocally demonstrate the validity of your work with Published Peer Review History

  • Ensure all research contributors gain academic recognition and credit for their contributions to the research

  • Encourage the reanalysis and replication of your science with Open Data

Easy Reproduction

Anyone can reproduce and reuse your science.


  • Improve the clarity of your science and enhance reproducibility with Open Methods

  • Encourage the reanalysis and replication of your science with Open Data

Academic Credits

Your contributions to science are rewarded through academic credits.


  • Receive academic recognition and credit for your contributions as an author or reviewer with ORCID, Publons, and the CRediT taxonomy.

  • Publish more versions of your study in the form of Methods, Code and Data

  • Make peer reviews, editorial feedback and author’s responses transparent and easily accessible using Published Peer Review History

Ready to open more of your research to a wider community? Consider Cecilian

Cecilian Publishing offers innovative tools that facilitate the deepening of openness of all aspects of your research. Our openness philosophy and tools mean that you can make your research protocols, study designs, methods, codes, images and raw data, peer reviews, commentaries and your full chapters open by sharing all artifacts related to your research with the wider scholarly community to demonstrate integrity and encourage reproducibility.

Share Your Data

Cecilian Open Data (COD), is our innovative approach to ensuring that your data is transparent and uniquely recognized as a permanent aspect of your study’s scientific record. Our COD processes ensure that your data is indefinitely accessible and discover-able to the wider scientific community for ease of verification, re-use in re-analyses and replication, and to deepen the contextual comprehension of your research and its findings.

Share Your Reviews

Cecilian Open Reviews (COR) is an opt-in or optional opportunity we provide researchers to publicly share peer reviews and author responses (through our published peer reviews history offering) with the wider scientific community. Peer reviews and author responses are not only informative and educational, but provide deeper contextual underpinnings of your research, deepen scholarly comprehension and richly enhance the extant body of scientific literature. Most importantly on the one hand, they ensure and maximize the integrity, trust and confidence the wider readership places on your research. On the other hand, they ensure reviewers are thorough in their review of manuscripts, in the provision of constructive feedback and in their overall accountability.

Share Your Methods

Cecilian Open Methods (COM) is an integral part of our commitment to open science. It enables you share details of your research methods publicly with the wider scientific community for deeper comprehension, enhances the reusability and replicability of your methods and maximizes the citation of your research. Through COM tools, you can avail yourself of opportunities to disseminate your methods in form of protocols, pre-registered research and code.

Quickly Share Your Findings

Cecilian Online First (COF) avails scientists the opportunity to get their research out to the wider scientific community without delays. Chapters are published online with a unique DOI immediately after the review process is complete, and prior to the publication of the final edited book volume. This enables you establish priority for your research, disseminate your findings quicker, increase readership and citation potential, increase reuse and replication potential, increase timely application potential, enhance job, tenure and other promotion applications as well as solicit and encourage timely feedback from the scientific community where necessary.

Embrace Openness. Embrace the Future.

Openness is the future of science. The Open Science movement is driven by a noble yet bold vision of fostering an all-inclusive ecosystem for scientific research where diverse communities of scientists work collaboratively across geographic and disciplinary boundaries to generate research that is rigorous, verifiable, reproducible and trustable. To support this vision, Cecilian Publishing is working to support our researchers with tools and processes that empowers them to.. 

Maximize Comprehension

By providing state of the art meta-research

Maximize Reach

Via online first versions, and easily accessible publications

Maximize Replication

Through open methods and open data

Maximize Credit

For each foundational component of your research

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