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Advances in Leadership

Social Sciences and Humanities

Submission Deadline:

March 15, 2023

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Book Editor(s)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hasan Yusuf Aljuhmani

Girne American University

Scope of the Book

Leading in times of heightened uncertainty is a very complex endeavour. While extant literature is replete with studies examining leadership theories, frameworks and precepts, studies exploring the ongoing evolution of the field predicated upon by the pandemic and the resulting socio-economic challenges are lacking. This edited book seeks to aggregate and document empirical insights on changes within the leadership domain. As such, chapter submissions presenting theoretical and empirical contributions and using qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research designs are equally encouraged.

Suggested Topics

Cross-culture and leadership
Mindfulness and Leadership
Politics and Leadership
Spirituality and leadership
Succession in leadership
Top Management and Performance
Traits of leadership
Leadership style and approach
Coaching and leadership
Cultural leadership
Leadership development
Ethics, gender and leadership
Governance and leading Change
Leadership and Innovation
Leadership in modern organizations
Research Methodology in leadership research

Important Dates

Open for Submissions:

October 3, 2022

Submission Deadline:

March 15, 2023

Chapter Publication:

Online First

Book Publication Date:

April 15, 2023

Submit Your Chapter

Register to Submit: To submit your chapter manuscript, please first of all create an account if you don't already have one, or log into your account if you have one. Then visit the 'Submission Process' page to read an overview of the submission process and to access and download a Microsoft word version of the chapter template as well as a PDF version of the author guidelines. Then, proceed to the   'My Submissions' page of your account and follow the instructions to submit your full chapter. 

A Lifelong Commitment to Rigor, Quality, Fairness & Openness.

We will always be rigorous, fair and engender quality. Most importantly, we will always remain Open Access!

All Cecilian books comply with the highest industry levels with regard to rigor during the peer review process as well as research ethics. All books, book chapters, monographs, and research components we publish are Open Access, Open Methods, Open Data and Plan S compliant. 

All chapter manuscripts are also eligible for

Scooping Protection

In situations where complementary research is published six months prior to your submission. In such situations, your submission will be evaluated for merit and will not be rejected for novelty even in situations where similar findings have been reported.

Open Reviews

With optional signed and published peer review history to enable you demonstrate the integrity, validity and rigor of your research work and provide deepen readers’ contextual understanding of your research findings.

Press Coverage

By our in-house media team and through our annual press program. Also, all newly published books and chapters are introduced and receive mentions respectively  via our social media platforms.

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