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The field of marketing has never been as proactive in recent history as it has been in the three decades of the internet and social media. However, the discipline has seen some of the fastest and most varied spate of evolution in recent times, as witnessed at the outset, mid and post-pandemic era. This renewed burst of activities powered by COVID-induced lockdowns, have seen new sub-disciplines and new research substreams emerge. This edited volume seeks to empirically explore these changes and disciplinary evolution with a bid to providing novel insights into the veracity of extant marketing theories, frameworks and providing guidance for future research in marketing management.


Book Status: Open for Submission

Tentative Book Publication Date: November, 2022

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Advances in Marketing Management

SKU: 0005
  • Academic Editor(s):

    Collin Hubert

    Girne American University, Cyprus.

    Katheryn Hert

    University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Michael Eienhert

    Schuler University, Germany.


    ISBN: 878-81-944664-1-5

    Format: Digital (PDF) & POD

    Publisher: Cecilian Publishing

    Year Published: Open For Submissions

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