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One of the earliest branches of business and management studies, operations management is concerned with the fundamental processes businesses deploy in the effective and efficient production of goods and provision of services. Increasingly complex environments coupled with the recent disruptions of global supply chains as a result of the pandemic, geopolitical upheavals and the resultant economic swings have seen the thinning od industry margins. This in turn has presented firms with a new set of operational pressures. This edited book presents insights from a carefully selected group of researchers reporting novel ideas and original results on the recent trajectory of the field. In addition, this volume takes an agnostic position with regard to choice of methodology and welcomes equally, contributions using qualitative, quantitative and mixed method designs.


Book Status: Open for Submission

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Advances in Operations Management

SKU: 0006
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    ISBN: 978-1-946782-09-8

    Format: Digital (PDF) & POD

    Publisher: Cecilian Publishing

    Year Published: Open For Submissions

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