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As the world sets out into the fourth industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly playing a major role and we are seeing a lot of evolution in various machine learning methodologies. As part of the new normal, the practicing engineer is increasingly using AI techniques to solve a multitude of problems. This edited book volume is dedicated to the rapid publication of chapters exploring the practical application of AI techniques in all facets of engineering. Chapter submissions should uncover and present some novel aspects of AI deployed in a real-world engineering situation. All study methodology and design types are welcome.

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Engineering

  • Academic Editor(s):

    Joshua Chibuike Sopuru

    Girne American University, Cyprus.


    ISBN: 978-1-946782-09-1

    Format: Digital (PDF) & POD

    Publisher: Cecilian Publishing

    Year Published: Open for Submissions

    To submit a chapter to this volume, click HERE

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